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News: Teens for Art 

Teens for Art | Engage in interactive sessions | 6-7, 13-14 April | Join the Workshop WhatsApp Group to participate

Dear Friends

Welcome to our community. Amrita Gurukulam is a platform to connect people to the eternal wisdom of Sanatana Dharma so that their lives may get enriched in purpose, depth, and beauty.

If you are interested in exploring it further, and would like to consider studying its teachings and engaging in discussions, please check out our initiatives addressing specific age groups.

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Our Community Initiatives

3 to 7 years

A WhatsApp community and weekly gatherings designed for the parents.

8 to 15 years

A study group for those who want to learn more about Indian tradition.

13 to 19 years

A social network to inspire the youth and grow while discovering new talents.


Cultural project for the parents for studies and self-development.


Astro Club

Discover our flagship programme. All teens are invited.

Join us Weekly


Weekly sessions for children to imbibe values and education for life all across Kerala.


Re-launch of English Grandma's Ramayana| Date to be announced soon In English

Study programmes

Our e-Learning platform revolves around community engagement and primarily offers two modes of learning:

Certificates will be issued to participants who successfully complete selected courses.


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Special project

Teaching Values to Young Children

We collaborated with our friend Adarsa who is a Montessori practitioner with over 20 years of experience. 

We are currently working on a book to share our studies on 16 values accompanied by various tools easily explained. 

For convenient access to teachers and parents on how to teach values to young children there will also be a website coming…

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