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Amrita Gurukulam is a community-centred e-Learning platform to connect people to the eternal wisdom of Sanatana Dharma so that their lives may get enriched in purpose, depth, and beauty.

There are primarily two modes of learning:

Certificates will be issued to participants who successfully complete selected courses.


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Amrita Kids
3 to 7 years

Balasamskriti Kendra (ABSK)
8 to 15 years

Amrita Teens
13 to 19 years

Matrusamskriti (AMSK)

Amrita Astro Club

The Amrita Astro Club is an initiative by Amrita Gurukulam. The motive of the club is to help children bring interest in Astrophysics. It invites several national and international experts to give lecture for the students. Students also take part in seminars which are held on a regular basis through Google Meet and Zoom platforms.

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